Classic Slot Car Racing Association

The Vintage Slot Racing Newsletter hosted a large collection of "Prototype Parade" car plans from Model Maker (MM), Model Maker & Model Cars (MM&MC), and Model Cars (MC) magazines dating from 1951-1972 on the now defunct VSRN-Online website.

The plans have proved an invaluable help in constructing accurate scale models of older racing cars, and so we have attempted to restablish the collection on these pages, where most of the Prototype Parade plans can now be found. For ease of use, the original VSRN individual page jpeg images have been combined to form a single multi-page pdf document for each of the plans. Similar plans from Car Model (CM), Miniature Auto (MA) and Model Car & Track (MC&T) magazines from VSRN-Online and elsewhere wil also eventually be included.

PLEASE NOTE that only the first 200 plans are currently live - the links to the other plans will be added during Spring/Summer 2021.

"Prototype Parade" Plans


The Prototype Parade plan ordering was inconsistent, some of the numbers are duplicated, and the VSRN collection seems never to have been totally complete. So there are some gaps in our numbering, and we do not even know whether plans for the missing numbers ever existed.

If a number is missing, we do not have the respective plan. If a number is duplicated, this reflects the original magazine numbering. Plans with a suffix such as A, B or C were not originaly numbered, but we have assigned these numbers to keep them in the correct date order. Where plans include cars from more than one brand, these have been duplicated to assist searches for specific cars.

We would be grateful for donations of high-quality scans for any of the missing numbers! If you know of any plans not on our list or can supply scans of them, please contact

Plans 201-250

Plans 251-300

Plans 300-342

The CSCRA would like to give thanks, most especially to Greg Holland of VSRN, and also to Dennis David, Richard Hills, Mick Kerr, Mike Thomson and the many other people that have contributed to the assembly of this database.