Classic Slot Car Racing Association

CSCRA 1/32 Hard-body Car Classes

The car standards documents for the individual classes below each include general car standards and standards for ready-to-run cars as well as details for the specific classes. All the documents are in pdf format, for reading on-screen or downloading. In the documents, blue text signifies definitions, and red text clarifies potential areas of dispute.

CSCRA 1/32 Sports Car Standards

CSCRA 1-32 Saloon Car Standards

CSCRA 1-32 Trans-Am RTR Car Standards

CSCRA 1/32 GP Car Standards

CSCRA 1/32 Brooklands Standards

A very handy summary of key scrutineering dimensions (such as ground clearance, tyre width etc) for each class is available here.

1/32 LeMans cars lined up at Dudley for the CSCRA Team Endurance meeting.

1/32 Car Classes and Standards

In classic 1/32 slot car racing the emphasis is on scale and historical accuracy to the real 1:1 racing cars. The CSCRA car standards set reasonable and realistic guidelines to achieve this, while enabling and encouraging continued development and innovation in chassis design and the use of the latest equipment.

Retro Plastic-Chassis Class Rules

Some of the most popular club racing in the UK is in classes for older models from Scalextric and other makes. Some of these classes are run in open events, and we make the car standards for these events available in case clubs want to take advantage of these ready-made rules.

CSCRA 1/32 Super Touring Car Standards

A number of clubs in and around Birmingham have been racing classic Grand Prix cars powered by the Scalextric “Johnson” motor in the Heart of England Classic Grand Prix Championship. The 2012 rules are here:

Heart Of England Classic Grand Prix Car Standards

Vintage 1/32 Scratch-Built Hard-Body Class Rules

Vintage slot racing classes have rules that require the use of components made in the 1960's and 1970's when he popularity of slot car racing reached a high point. The technology of slot cars moved ahead very quickly at this time, and class rules are carefully designed to capture specific moments of development during the era.

Open Frame and Steering Grand Prix Rules

Phil Smith’s beautiful 1/32 midget, racing at the Classic Open meeting at Wellingborough in 2008.

Mick Kerr's pre-war Mercedes entry lined up for Concours judging at the 2019 Open Frame and Steerting GP at Rockingham Slot Car Club.

Photo courtesy of Richard Gardner.