Classic Slot Car Racing Association

The Classic Slot Car Racing Association is an informal group of slot car event organisers in the UK who promote the building and racing of slot cars representing classic periods of motor racing history.

We aim to provide a platform to stimulate ‘scratch building’ and encourage enthusiasts to demonstrate their model making as well as racing talents.

The CSCRA standards were put together in order to standardise the rules to which these, basically scratch built, cars are built. The origins go back to the 1980's but by the mid 2000's it had got into a situation where each event was run to slightly different rules, which naturally reduced the possible number of entrants. With the arrival of the 'Early Bird Grand Prix' at Wolves, a number of organisers of similar events got together to standardise their rules to increase the chances of getting better entries across all of their events.

Common standards mean that enthusiasts can build cars knowing there are likely to be a number of opportunities to race them at open events. We also encourage participation from those who wish to race ready-to-run models of classic cars.

By encouraging the adoption of common car classes and standards, we hope to make it easier for clubs to organise events which bring together people of all skill levels of building and racing, and so promote our hobby.

We have no wish to impose any set of rules on event organisers. However the standards provided here have been devised through the contributions of many experienced slot car modellers, racers and race organisers, and are generally acknowledged to be very workable.

We exist only to support and encourage classic, retro  and vintage slot car building and racing. We have no formal membership and no commercial interest. Through our activities, we are building on the work of the now-disbanded Vintage Electric Car Racing Association (VECRA).

We work in association with Slot Forum, the leading English-language forum for slot car enthusiasts around the world, where open discussions of our rules, events and other issues take place.

Racers at a 2012 “Run What You Brung” meeting for vintage slot cars at North London Society of Model Engineers in Finchley.

Photo courtesy of Steve Kempson.

About the CSCRA

F1 and Can-Am cars from one of the regular UKRRA meetings at North London Society of Model Engineers.

Photo courtesy of Steve Kempson.


A number of events are run each year specialising in Vintage slot cars - usually defined as using components made before 1972. These events include the International Vintage meeting in Bordeaux, the Tour des Flandres Classic in France and Belgium, Rockingham’s “Double Trouble” and the Bruno Novarese Memorial in Roncole Verde, Italy. These events are listed in the CSCRA calendar.

A beautiful indianapolis roadster lined up for concours judging at the 2007 running of the annual American Trophy event at Oaklands Park.

Concours judging at the 2012 Pendle Slot Racing Trans-Am meeting.

Photo courtesy of Ian Bielby.