Classic Slot Car Racing Association

Vintage 1/24 Scratch-Built Hard-body Car Classes

Vintage slot racing classes have rules that require the use of components made in the 1960's and 1970's when he popularity of slot car racing reached a high point. The technology of slot cars moved ahead very quickly at this time, and class rules are carefully designed to capture specific moments of development during the era.

CSCRA 1/24 Grand Prix Car Standards

CSCRA 1/24 Sports Car Standards

"Big Birds Grand Prix" Car Rules

These classes were inspired by the interest in racing cars based on the 1/24 Merit kits from the late ’50’s, and by the Ready-to-Run (RTR) cars made by Cox, Revell and other companies in the mid 1960's. Period cars and components are reasonably easy to obtain, and It is therefore expected that the majority of parts used in the construction of the cars will be pre-1971 period parts.

Hard-body 1/24 cars on the line during the 2008 North London retro event.

Photo courtesy of Steve Kempson.

1/24 Car Classes and Standards

The intention of the UKRRA 1/24 Retro classes is to encourage a return to “scratch-built” chassis and a more scale appearance in vacuum-formed car bodies, similar to the car and chassis designs of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

With the increased popularity of 1/24 Retro racing (with vacuum-formed bodies), and the success of the big festivals for these cars over the past couple of years, the organisers of these events have got together to agree a unified set of car standards which took effect from the beginning of 2012, and which have been gradually refined over the following years.

These rules were originally discussed and agreed between the racers based at Raceway 81 (Newcastle) and Rockingham Raceway with additional input from the clubs at North London and Oaklands Park (Birmingham) clubs..

To differentiate these rules from the North American (e.g. IRRA) rule sets, they are called the UKRRA (UK Retro Racing Association) rules.

It is not the intention to try and force any club to adopt these new rules. These are however the rules that have been used at the major inter-club events from 2012 onwards.

It is hoped that, in time, all clubs running Retro 1/24 events will adopt the same rules, making more inter-club racing possible and encouraging the growth of this aspect of our hobby. A set of sporting regulations has also been produced for Championship events which can be downloaded below.


The late John Secchi's 'Tottenham Retro Rules', which are based on the ARC (Association of Raceway Centres) rules from the late 1960's, have been used in running races for the type of cars that would have raced on Britain’s commercial raceways in their heyday.

Original Tottenham 1/24 Retro Rules

Can-Am cars on the grid at one of North London’s regular retro evening events.

Photo courtesy of Steve Kempson

A model of the Pink Stamps Lotus 40 built to the UKRRA CanAm standard.