1/24 Car Classes

Each of these documents is a complete and self-sufficient set of rules. All the rules are in pdf documents, for reading on-screen or downloading.

UKRRA 1/24 Can-Am Standards

UKRRA 1/24 Formula 1 Standards

UKRRA 1/24 Saloon Standards

1/24 Tottenham Retro Sports Car Standards

1/24 “Retro” Classes and Standards


John Secchi's 'Tottenham Retro Rules', which are based on the ARC (Association of Raceway Centres) rules from the late 1960's, have been used to organise a series of races for the type of cars that would have raced on Britain’s commercial raceways in their heyday.

Anyone interested in reading, or using these original rules can find them here:

Tottenham 1/24 Retro Rules

Can-Am cars on the grid at one of North London’s regular retro evening events.

With the increased popularity of D3 style Retro racing, and the success of the big festivals for these cars over the past couple of years, the organisers of these events have got together to agree a unified set of rules to take effect from the beginning of 2012.

These rules have been discussed and agreed between the racers based at Raceway 81 (Newcastle) and Rockingham Raceway with additional input from the clubs at North London and Oaklands Park.

To differentiate these rules from the US D3 and IRRA rule sets, they are called the UKRRA (UK Retro Racing Association) rules.

It is not the intention to try and force any club to adopt these new rules. These are however the rules that will be used at the major inter-club events from 2012 onwards. It is hoped that, in time, all clubs running retro 1/24 events will adopt the same rules, making more inter-club racing possible and encouraging the growth of this aspect of our hobby.